Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Protect The Angels of our Seas

Tonight I saw a disturbing documentary based movie on the senseless culling of dolphins that occurs every year around September in Taijii, Japan. It's called 'The Cove', a lagoon which is the chilling bludgeoning slaughterhouse for 23000 dolphins every year! A few years ago they were exposed with the help of celebrities like Hayden Panettiere whom some may know from 'Heroes'. These surfers risked their lives to expose the harshness and brutality that was happening to these innocent cetaceans! These peace loving creatures are been killed and sold as 'whale' meat, and the people of Japan had no idea that this cruel brutality was taking place. Dolphin meat has a high level of mercury and dolphin meat that was served at school lunches were removed by council members eventually.

Every year the IWC(International Whaling Committee) sit to discuss protection of all cetaceans, but for some reason small cetaceans like dolphins and porpoises are not protected, particularly because their meat is been sold for consumption. Japan come up with reasons for whaling to be maintained, also recruiting  other smaller countries like Cambodia, Ecuador, Laos and a few others to support them, by offering them 'financial support'! Environmental activists like Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Conservation founder)
and Ric O Barry continue in the fight to stop this!

I've grown up loving dolphins and mammals of the sea, and appreciate their nature loving ways. Research has shown that their intelligence can somewhat be compared to that of mans and they seem to be more human natured than some humans out there. We need to help protect these beautiful dolphins and whales to ensure they don't become extinct before their time! Please help by making a difference and signing this petition to help stop this brutality and cruelty. They're helpless and defenceless and have caused no harm to man! Respect these angels of the seas!

They are just one of the hundreds of species out there that need our help. Everyday thousands of animals from around the world are getting abused and tortured by man for his own selfish needs. We need to help put a stop to this. They are defenceless creatures that need protection!

Visit to sign a petition to support these cetaceans!

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