Friday, 25 March 2011

As a New Year dawns upon my life

Another day, a new year. The wheels of life keep turning...
It's funny how as we get older, you look for the changes, be it a few
more strands of grey hair, or a secret patch of greys that we're so not aware of until spotted by our hair stylilst, we look for wrinkles, crows eyes, the few extra pounds that seem harder to shake off, those cute hot numbers we have a problem even squeezing into,...and I'm sure much much more.
Irrespective of how the numbers look, and how much they've gone up and how quickly too, it gives us a new perspective of what to be greatful for , and what new priorities take precedence, and how our life is shaping out to be along with what we've accomplished in those years. If anything, it's a blessing to see another year in good health, and to realise how fortunate we are with all the little basics we have in life that are actually little luxuries for many of those unfortunate.

So this new year in my life called for a new hairstyle just to feel "a few days" younger, well at least psychologically, and just for me. I still feel like I'm in my early twenties, with the (almost) same drive for life and adventure, and yes, it's all in the mind about how you really feel.

Most of all, I'm greatful and thankful for my family & friends, and for all the love I have in my life, and for me ... that's priceless!!

For some people a birthday might just be another day in their lives, but celebrating the day you were born is special and should be memorable.

Time for me to embrace my amazing year ahead, with my little guardian angel at my side!

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