Sunday, 28 November 2010

A new journey!

When God closes a window, somewhere He opens a door...

Sometimes in life things dont always work out the way you'd like it to, but I always believe there's a reason. There's a time and place for all things, and somewhere down the line you get to see the bigger picture of things and realise why it wasn't so. Most times it's a sign of a direction for a new journey that you're meant to embark on! A new journey is an adventure and always so can always envision the positive!
Like most things in life there is always some risk involved with whatever you do, and then you pen out your pros and cons, and wonder if the risk is ever worth taking. Well, as said before, life is too short not to take the risk sometimes (obviously within some common sense).

I think that whatever life holds for you, you should be able to embrace it in the best way possible. We're always going to have some diversions, obstacles and some real "pain in the necks" just to make our journey a little more challenging, but the great thing about it is the will to stay focused, and that destination once reached!

So even though we may not know how long this journey will take us, some will be a lifetime and will be just that worth it, the fact that we were brave enough to embark on a new journey is a sure enough sign of moving on and allowing ourselves to do so! Sometimes it's just a matter of time to realise that a door has been opened, and it takes courage to take the next step!

Whatever journey you're on, and whatever new journey awaits you, may it be paved with success and enlightenment, enveloped in love.


  1. Hi Lisa. Sounds good and so true. See you soon. Love a n p

  2. wow Lisa
    you r so good @writing and have such talent and proud of you sharing your wisdom and heart.
    what a beautiful heart felt expression of your truth.
    You should do more of this as its so amazing.I cant wait for more.
    So wen u writing your book,I be first in line an then get my friends in kiwiland to come 2.
    Seriously this door has certainly opened for you.I can see it
    lots of love an hugs

  3. Thankyou Mals! I'm so glad you enjoy it. My heartfelt appreciation to you :)
    Will keep you posted about the book!
    Thanks for reading!
    Love and light, big hugs and mwahs!



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