Sunday, 15 September 2013

Preparing for D-Day

It's a day millions of women have gone through from the world over, and each with their own experience. Some with great challenges, some simply making it seem like "child's play".
Off course it is a tradition to follow old wives tales and what was done in the granny's day and their days before that...which obviously worked back in the day and must still work if we turned out more than just alright. Today there are just so many books and websites with what you should eat, what you should avoid eating, all the dos and don'ts, that make you wonder how our parents and grandparents made it through without it.
It's almost like taking a course in parenting and it practically is as one is about to embark on one of the biggest life changing moments in ones life.
For sure it's a moment that just comes naturally as with any female specie in the animal kingdom, from nesting and preparing for delivery and maternal instinct and bonding that's just innate. As if the great moment is not enough, there's all these choices of strollers, travel systems, cribs, and checking out all the safety recommendations and customer reviews to make sure you get the best and reliable baby gear. That's another whole story on it's own!

Nine months, three quarters of a year, just over 39 weeks, almost 274 days is a long time and carrying a life is truly one of the most special times in a woman's life, and the biggest joy and proud moment most certainly comes thereafter. No matter what you do and how ready you think you are, it actually is so life changing that you will only know just how ready you are when the day arrives. It dawns upon you that your life will never be the same, there will be a little person needing you and demanding your time 24/7...and suddenly you want to rush and do everything before the day arrives, everything you've left incomplete .... almost sounds a bit selfish...
Then you feel those hiccups resonating in your belly almost to remind you of the time you have left till he/she makes their d├ębut, and you realise just how awesome life is and will be...and what a blessing it is in one's life.

                                                        (For our little angel)

( NIV ) John 16:21 A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Thank you Smart phone, for social etiquette !!

Hasn't going out for dinner changed these days? If you're going out with one person or two people there's always bound to be way more guests there. It's almost 100% that each of those persons have a mobile phone and are in contact with somebody, just to let them know where they are. Even if you have a sit down home family meal, it's a given someone's getting a text or notification from Facebook, or an email...and all of a sudden it's so urgent to attend to it, in turn being rude to your family that obviously would have no qualms about it because they're getting texts too.

It's everywhere...even at a doctors clinic where a nurse has to leave the consulting doctor to take her call to say she's at work!! Is this what society has come to? We don't need to sit down with our family for dinner anymore...we can just Whatsapp them to pass the rice! You can have a deep conversation with someone and that personal moment has has gone when interrupted by a phone, with a text stating you could be a winner with Cell C!! And that's not's a platform for proposals, first baby pics, break-ups (gone are the post-it days ), make-ups and everything you need to know about anybody.

I used to find it quite amusing but now I think people have forgotten their social etiquette around their families and friends. No matter where you go, people are so addicted to their phones, it really makes you wonder how on earth did we go without it all these years...all these urgent text messages and emails and Facebook comments that we have to put our forks down for. As if it's not bad enough that adults are doing it, can you blame kids who follow their parents example?

One must be really lucky to have the total undivided attention of that person you go out with for an "intimate" meal, because before you can even sit down at that exclusive restaurant, the whole world and their neighbour already know you're there...SURPRISE!!

Try to give people your full attention, The worlds not going to end if you switch your phone off and miss that Facebook picture you've been tagged in.
Let's try to be more human and give people the respect they deserve when in our company.

Be kind, humble and speak with love :)

Thursday, 14 March 2013

AS ..I DO...

It's the day every girl dreams of, donning her white fairytale wedding gown, walking down the aisle with her father, and marrying her prince charming.

You seem to plan a for a lifetime for when that time actually comes, until the moment really happens do you realise how quickly it all does happen, almost in a blink of an eye and in a few hours that day passes on, but the memories....they become a lasting treasure.
It's a life changing time for anyone, and most certainly a positive and exciting one, giving up singlehood and adjusting to that of marriage life where "I" becomes "WE" and "ME" becomes "US".

It seems like no big deal and all a breeze (praying that it all does work out as close to plan as possible) even though there might be the slightest hiccup that nobody else picks out barring the bride herself, and maybe the groom if he's been keeping with the programme the months leading up to the big day. As long as there are no dress faux pas, the officiant has arrived, and most importantly your groom is present, you can look forward to a smooth start.

It's for sure meant to be one of the happiest day of any girls life.
You brace yourself ready to walk down what seems almost a mile long aisle, but the minute your eyes meet it just all falls into place, as you pass familiar smiling faces and eventually reach the altar....and the new journey begins.

May love abide in your heart, thoughts and deeds always.


  • Elizabeth Gilbert: eat pray love
  • Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist
  • Danielle Steel: The Kiss
  • Barack Obama : Dreams from my Father