Sunday, 28 November 2010

A new journey!

When God closes a window, somewhere He opens a door...

Sometimes in life things dont always work out the way you'd like it to, but I always believe there's a reason. There's a time and place for all things, and somewhere down the line you get to see the bigger picture of things and realise why it wasn't so. Most times it's a sign of a direction for a new journey that you're meant to embark on! A new journey is an adventure and always so can always envision the positive!
Like most things in life there is always some risk involved with whatever you do, and then you pen out your pros and cons, and wonder if the risk is ever worth taking. Well, as said before, life is too short not to take the risk sometimes (obviously within some common sense).

I think that whatever life holds for you, you should be able to embrace it in the best way possible. We're always going to have some diversions, obstacles and some real "pain in the necks" just to make our journey a little more challenging, but the great thing about it is the will to stay focused, and that destination once reached!

So even though we may not know how long this journey will take us, some will be a lifetime and will be just that worth it, the fact that we were brave enough to embark on a new journey is a sure enough sign of moving on and allowing ourselves to do so! Sometimes it's just a matter of time to realise that a door has been opened, and it takes courage to take the next step!

Whatever journey you're on, and whatever new journey awaits you, may it be paved with success and enlightenment, enveloped in love.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Following your heart

It's funny how we sometimes are constantly chasing dreams in life, or always needing a sense of fulfilment in material things that are mostly of temporary value, and that will never really provide a complete fulfilment and satisfaction that the heart really requires. Making decisions in life can sometimes be so daunting that we're so afraid of taking that risk that we're willing to sacrifice our happiness because of fear of the unknown.
Life is just too short not to be able to take some of those risks, and sometimes we realise that when it's a bit too late.

Sometimes we just have to take the plunge in life and go with the heart, because the voice of reason always interrupts and righfully so, but sometimes it prevents us from reaching for that unknown that might just be the answer that we've always been waiting for.
I, personally, feel the need to go with my voice of reason, because it's the most sensible and logical thing to do, barring the true and inmost feelings of my heart, which at some point in my life makes me realise that I could have lost out on some priceless opportunities.

It's not too late to realise that your heart could actually be the voice of reason sometimes, even though it may be late with lost chances, especially with matters of the heart. It just takes that little bit of courage to go with that heartfelt and inmost feeling and you most realise it when you lose someone precious in your life.

So, when lifes buzzer eventually sounds, there should be no space and time for regrets and "if only's.."
You can have everything in life, yet you can never really have it all.


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