Friday, 30 March 2012

A SpRiNg of love...

Finally the time has arrived! The clocks have gone forward, we have longer days, warmer days, and definitely a spring to our step!

We're bursting with bounding and endless energy, recharged and revitalised, entering into a new season of nature, life and love. A time when we feel somewhat inspired and motivated, with hopefully new ideas and thoughts on the horizon, and maybe even life changing decisions.

With couples walking hand in hand exploring this amazing and extraordinary city that seems to come so alive when the season changes, enamoured with romantic night walks, in awe of the beautiful architecture that surrounds them with a story behind each of it, savouring exquisite cuisines, and charting memories of timeless moments in what can be considered a city of love.

Like the seasons of nature has its way with all beautiful creation around us, so too are the seasons in our life, ever changing and growing, with challenges and triumphs.

Enjoy this wonderful season!! May it be alive with love, joy and endearing moments of timeless happiness!

never let yesterday use up today~ richard h nelson

Let every spring day count!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

never forget....

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We come from a culture, tradition and way of life, an aspect of our life that will always be home. Wherever we decide to go in the world at whatever stage in our life, we cannot forget where we've come from, it's a part of us that we were born into. As much as we can settle in another part of the world, our culture will always live in our hearts because we will always belong there!

We're always looking for greener pastures somewhere else in the world, when we have it all already. Home is truly where the Spirit of the great heart is!

Remembering where you come from always helps you know and appreciate where you're going in life.

Never matter where in the world you are or go to...


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