Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We're in The "I" generation

If you're not up to date with mobile technology already, that's okay. Because if you haven't noticed, we haved reached the " I " generation, as in IPod, IPhone 3,4 and now the IPad! Everywhere I seem to go, onto a bus, train, shop or on the street, almost every other person seems to have the popular white headsets that go with it. I am amazed at the pace of all of this and how it seems to be the next best thing to when the Commodore 64 first came out!

The IPhone was unveiled at Macworld in January 2007. The " I " originally stood for Internet, and now it's called intelligent, interfacing, in your face, incredible, or as I  like to call it 'Intellectual'. With just over 250 000 applications from entertainment, audiobooks, brain games, "how to.." stuff and even your own personalised Vuvuzelas just to annoy the ones you love, you truly have the world at your fingertips! With the liquid crystal display screen and virtual keyboard, it feels like you're in some sci-fi generation, or like a '007' agent! But that's cut short the moment you step out in public!

Apple is taking over, and with a high demand and popularity it's no surprise they're the leading mobile manufacturer for computers and phones. Steve Jobs and his engineers MUST be doing something incredibly right! Just when I thought that I would not succumb to needing to upgrade my phone, as the one I had served it's purpose well, and everyone around me was raving how addictive this IPhone was, I thought ..'well , I AM due for an upgrade, so why not??', just like every other time I told myself I didn't need an upgrade! And now here I am raving about it and discovering how addictive it actually is. I thought I would miss my old phone,but not as much, because there are still some features on it that I miss. Typical marketing though, one model is developed without some features and the next one comes along with video call and a camera flash, as if they didn't think of it when they developed the original IPhone!( Maybe they actually didn't?)

So I'm wondering if there's another IPhone version coming out within the new year, like the IPhone 5 or the ultimate (U)Phone, who knows, maybe they would install a telescope on it so you would be able to see the craters on the moon, or even a microscope . I wouldn't put anything past Apple! Actually just reading through an article I've learnt that the IPhone5 is REALLY coming out October this year!!!..there you go!

If you think it's no big deal, Blackberry and other loyal mobile users, it actually is, well at least to those who have been " I "  generated! But as long as you can still make those calls from anywhere and send and receive texts, that's all that matters....which is why the mobile phone was invented in the first place! It just gets more fancy every year. Let's just say if you're thinking of getting an IPhone, it's definitely not a bad idea!

Saturday, 18 September 2010


I woke up to a somewhat rare gorgeous blue sky day in London town, and felt instantaneously energised. In my mind I had a whole range of ideas and plans for the day, as you do. It took me a bus ride into the city to realise how lucky and fortunate I am to be living in this awesome city. It's beauty and historical elegance never ceases to amaze me! And even though I've travelled the same route quite a few times, somehow everytime the bus travels over Waterloo bridge, I am reminded of the expanse of it's beauty, passing the London Eye, Big Ben, The Savoy Hotel, St Pauls Cathedral over the Thames River. I am in awe and captivated as though it were my first journey.
So today was quite interesting with London fashion week taking place for the next spring and winter collection.
When you walk down Oxford street and New Bond street, you really have a sense of being in a fashion capital, where some people look as though they're walking down the catwalk, with their fashion label clothing, and clothes that just speak for themselves.

So from fancy cars, and 'ol sweet shops that take people down memory lane, and the historic Trafalgar Square, accompanied by the bright sunshine, there is no space for idle time! Pope Benedict is also in town, having just completed the prayer vigil at Hyde Park this evening, with an attendance of 80 000 people. It has been 28 years since Great Britain has seen a visit from the Pope. What a blessing to have him here.

A walk along the river at London Bridge following the Queen's walk just tops an extraordinary day, watching tourists pose along the river for the shot of Tower Bridge in the background.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010


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 So the Biebs and Lady Gaga rocked at the VMA. No surprise that the controversial Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, won the Video of the year award and scooped up eight awards, with a dress change before you could even remember what the last one looked like! Well actually, for those that were there, if they couldn't see her, they were able to SMELL her with her contoversial "meat" dinner outfit. Thank goodness for her sake, no dogs allowed! Trust Gaga to bring on the drama!
 L'il Bieber cute as a button,  appeared as though he's done the VMA's a few times now...I guess that's what you get when chilling with Usher. Great on him!

As for the follow up on Taylor and Kanye, she was angelic and the words seemed inclined towards Kanye's past behaviour and the fact that she's moved on (playing a clip for those who didn't remember that last VMA), and acknowledged his immaturity and innocence on that. She was subtly and kinda ladylike dissing Kanye. For those who didn't care about the message, she looked gorgeous with a cute white frock and bare feet emphasizing that nothing phases her and she gives as good as she gets! As for Kanye, I'm guessing there was a reason that he was the last performance for the night. Who knows what the message in his song was really all about, but something tells me, he could have sung anything out there and people would still love and support him. That's celebrity status for ya! I wonder if we'll be seeing these two perform again next year, and what drama awaits us!
Maybe Gaga will be married by then, with a mini Gaga on the way, and then we'll be seeing more of Stefani Germanotta.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

VMA's time!

So it's VMA time again. For those of you who don't know, it's the Video Music Awards. It is awarded by the cable network MTV to celebrate the top music videos of the year, where music artists and popular bands are awarded  and noticed for their talents and creativity, along with some unforgettable, live crazy moments.

If you happened to remember the last VMA, and the unforgivable Kanye with his outrageous outburst when Taylor Swift was being awarded, you shoud know that the unexpected is expected. Well, Taylor is still the better person, because she walked off with the award, and the rest of the world has moved on forgiving and hopefully forgetting the Kanye incident. Forgiving maybe, forgetting, I'm not so sure about.Suffice to say, Kanye has taken enough heat for that, deservedly so, and he has apologised profusely about it and wants to move on. But shame, every year when the VMA comes along now, will people wonder, what will Kanye do? Time to move on ....but watch this space!

The little Bieber kid has definitely taken the world by storm, with his lovely flipsy hair which has probably rocketed his album sales (along with all sorts of hair products) around the world, making worldwide pre-teenage girls all gaga over him. Oh and not forgetting his cute voice that got him there in the first place. Talking of GAGA...well, the LADY has certainly outdone herself this year, incredibly so!!

Can't WAIT for the entertainment to begin!!

Monday, 6 September 2010

The 60's BABY!

I must have been born in the wrong era, or maybe it's just my passion for music! Everytime I hear some 60's classic, it seems as though I have lived through that time. It's quite an intriguing feeling.
As much as that is simply not possible,because I was born in the 70's, I have to say that the music somehow "takes me back" to a time I've never known, yet feel so apart of! How is that possible, or is it just normal?
It's not like I have a collection of 60's music, but I guess most of them are just familiar to us, either by old black and white movies, or the REALLY odd times they're cranked up on the 'ol radio stations...guess the year!!
Whatever it is, I love it, I love the feeling I get from listening to these 'ol classics and how it somehow manages to take me back to these years that I've never known in my life.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gals in the City...Just like 'ol times

About a week ago I caught up with my old gal friends after a long time. One of the gals had moved out of London about 3 years ago now, and so it gets hard to find the convenient time when we all share the same day off! We had great times before, and we'd meet almost every other weekend, at least once a month to do a starbucks coffee/lunch and a movie, or if we started real early, a double billing of movies. This was our routine gals time..kinda like Sex and the City, without any guy drama. It was therapeutic, relaxing, entertaining and also our means to catch up with the latest goss, and whinge and moan about workstuff, as you do.
We occassionally did the retail therapy down Oxford or Regent Street, which was always fun. But for most of the time, we were movie gals checking out the latest on the big screen. Of course it helped that we had unlimited cards, so could watch anything and everything, at anytime to our hearts content, and walked out if we didnt like a movie...not that THAT ever happened!

So here we were in Starbucks, the three of us, after a year or so of all being together.
I remember the first time we three planned to meet at Starbucks in Canary Wharf. If you know it quite well, you would know there are quite a few Starbucks within the plaza perimeter. No surprise at all when we all arrived at Starbucks, thinking we were there calling each other to check where they were,and sure enough, they were already at Starbucks, only, elsewhere in the plaza. We three had successfully managed to meet at three different Starbucks at the same time! What a joke, and truly a memorable and treasured moment, never to be forgotten!!

It felt like we just picked up from where we'd left off, and I guess that's the great thing about friendship and good friends, you don't have to explain yourself,there's always a mutual and unconditional understanding for what might seem remiss. We had our usual lattes, accompanied by an irresistable slice of carrotcake, just like the 'ol times!! It was normally blueberry cheesecake, but I think we were late for that! It's amazing how the past years events in our lives were just summarised within just about two and a half hours.
It was off to the movies, and SALT was showing at the time. A large bag of popcorn and large drinks of soda in the hands,we were ready for the movie!! As usual it was giggles and laughter for us, about something on the big screen or groups who had just walked in, like the village people that day!!
The movie ended up being great.It was an awesome day, and an awesome ending!! Looking forward to the next time, hopefully before a full year has completed!! Friendship is precious! Keep in touch with your friends!


  • Elizabeth Gilbert: eat pray love
  • Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist
  • Danielle Steel: The Kiss
  • Barack Obama : Dreams from my Father