Saturday, 18 September 2010


I woke up to a somewhat rare gorgeous blue sky day in London town, and felt instantaneously energised. In my mind I had a whole range of ideas and plans for the day, as you do. It took me a bus ride into the city to realise how lucky and fortunate I am to be living in this awesome city. It's beauty and historical elegance never ceases to amaze me! And even though I've travelled the same route quite a few times, somehow everytime the bus travels over Waterloo bridge, I am reminded of the expanse of it's beauty, passing the London Eye, Big Ben, The Savoy Hotel, St Pauls Cathedral over the Thames River. I am in awe and captivated as though it were my first journey.
So today was quite interesting with London fashion week taking place for the next spring and winter collection.
When you walk down Oxford street and New Bond street, you really have a sense of being in a fashion capital, where some people look as though they're walking down the catwalk, with their fashion label clothing, and clothes that just speak for themselves.

So from fancy cars, and 'ol sweet shops that take people down memory lane, and the historic Trafalgar Square, accompanied by the bright sunshine, there is no space for idle time! Pope Benedict is also in town, having just completed the prayer vigil at Hyde Park this evening, with an attendance of 80 000 people. It has been 28 years since Great Britain has seen a visit from the Pope. What a blessing to have him here.

A walk along the river at London Bridge following the Queen's walk just tops an extraordinary day, watching tourists pose along the river for the shot of Tower Bridge in the background.


  1. you are a great writer and your blogs are inspiring lisa
    keep writing and sharing

  2. Thanx for reading Mals!! GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Lotsa love and light... xoxo



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