Tuesday, 28 September 2010

We're in The "I" generation

If you're not up to date with mobile technology already, that's okay. Because if you haven't noticed, we haved reached the " I " generation, as in IPod, IPhone 3,4 and now the IPad! Everywhere I seem to go, onto a bus, train, shop or on the street, almost every other person seems to have the popular white headsets that go with it. I am amazed at the pace of all of this and how it seems to be the next best thing to when the Commodore 64 first came out!

The IPhone was unveiled at Macworld in January 2007. The " I " originally stood for Internet, and now it's called intelligent, interfacing, in your face, incredible, or as I  like to call it 'Intellectual'. With just over 250 000 applications from entertainment, audiobooks, brain games, "how to.." stuff and even your own personalised Vuvuzelas just to annoy the ones you love, you truly have the world at your fingertips! With the liquid crystal display screen and virtual keyboard, it feels like you're in some sci-fi generation, or like a '007' agent! But that's cut short the moment you step out in public!

Apple is taking over, and with a high demand and popularity it's no surprise they're the leading mobile manufacturer for computers and phones. Steve Jobs and his engineers MUST be doing something incredibly right! Just when I thought that I would not succumb to needing to upgrade my phone, as the one I had served it's purpose well, and everyone around me was raving how addictive this IPhone was, I thought ..'well , I AM due for an upgrade, so why not??', just like every other time I told myself I didn't need an upgrade! And now here I am raving about it and discovering how addictive it actually is. I thought I would miss my old phone,but not as much, because there are still some features on it that I miss. Typical marketing though, one model is developed without some features and the next one comes along with video call and a camera flash, as if they didn't think of it when they developed the original IPhone!( Maybe they actually didn't?)

So I'm wondering if there's another IPhone version coming out within the new year, like the IPhone 5 or the ultimate (U)Phone, who knows, maybe they would install a telescope on it so you would be able to see the craters on the moon, or even a microscope . I wouldn't put anything past Apple! Actually just reading through an article I've learnt that the IPhone5 is REALLY coming out October this year!!!..there you go!

If you think it's no big deal, Blackberry and other loyal mobile users, it actually is, well at least to those who have been " I "  generated! But as long as you can still make those calls from anywhere and send and receive texts, that's all that matters....which is why the mobile phone was invented in the first place! It just gets more fancy every year. Let's just say if you're thinking of getting an IPhone, it's definitely not a bad idea!

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