Saturday, 4 September 2010

Gals in the City...Just like 'ol times

About a week ago I caught up with my old gal friends after a long time. One of the gals had moved out of London about 3 years ago now, and so it gets hard to find the convenient time when we all share the same day off! We had great times before, and we'd meet almost every other weekend, at least once a month to do a starbucks coffee/lunch and a movie, or if we started real early, a double billing of movies. This was our routine gals time..kinda like Sex and the City, without any guy drama. It was therapeutic, relaxing, entertaining and also our means to catch up with the latest goss, and whinge and moan about workstuff, as you do.
We occassionally did the retail therapy down Oxford or Regent Street, which was always fun. But for most of the time, we were movie gals checking out the latest on the big screen. Of course it helped that we had unlimited cards, so could watch anything and everything, at anytime to our hearts content, and walked out if we didnt like a movie...not that THAT ever happened!

So here we were in Starbucks, the three of us, after a year or so of all being together.
I remember the first time we three planned to meet at Starbucks in Canary Wharf. If you know it quite well, you would know there are quite a few Starbucks within the plaza perimeter. No surprise at all when we all arrived at Starbucks, thinking we were there calling each other to check where they were,and sure enough, they were already at Starbucks, only, elsewhere in the plaza. We three had successfully managed to meet at three different Starbucks at the same time! What a joke, and truly a memorable and treasured moment, never to be forgotten!!

It felt like we just picked up from where we'd left off, and I guess that's the great thing about friendship and good friends, you don't have to explain yourself,there's always a mutual and unconditional understanding for what might seem remiss. We had our usual lattes, accompanied by an irresistable slice of carrotcake, just like the 'ol times!! It was normally blueberry cheesecake, but I think we were late for that! It's amazing how the past years events in our lives were just summarised within just about two and a half hours.
It was off to the movies, and SALT was showing at the time. A large bag of popcorn and large drinks of soda in the hands,we were ready for the movie!! As usual it was giggles and laughter for us, about something on the big screen or groups who had just walked in, like the village people that day!!
The movie ended up being great.It was an awesome day, and an awesome ending!! Looking forward to the next time, hopefully before a full year has completed!! Friendship is precious! Keep in touch with your friends!


  1. Yes, I know all about those kind of relationships :) Funny how true friends can just pick up after a year or even more and it seems like we chatted just yesterday.

    The problem with some of us is that we're too busy being busy!

    So Lisa, what do you think life's about?

  2. :) Friendship is priceless! Life is for living...make everyday count! xoxo



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