Monday, 28 March 2011

That "NEW" smell.

The local bus on my usual route has changed. It's now this bright red shiny transportation vehicle with it's well lit numbers on the front. I got onto it a week ago, and was gobsmacked when I saw it approaching the stop, so much so that I had to ask the bus driver if it was just for that day!! To my surprise and delight this lovely little bus will be replacing the little faithful "sometimes running late" rickety 'ol bus! When I got on, I couldnt help but appreciate that lovely "new" smell reminiscent of a brand new car!!

Everything about that bus was simply and strangely exciting..sometimes it only really takes the little things to excite my grey matter especially after a long day at work!!  It had brand new bright looking coloured seats, with more space, and it even had a telly that you could observe all the passengers from...just in case you get bored on the journey. I think even the passengers look brighter, that and the fact that we're into summer time :)
Well I realise that some of the buses in London have changed to new hydrogen fueled ones (that does not contribute to CO2 emissions), that actually look pretty cool and oh so lush, in order to prepare for the forthcoming 2012 Olympics!!
It's great when the little things in life can still excite you in the most wonderful and weird ways.

Friday, 25 March 2011

As a New Year dawns upon my life

Another day, a new year. The wheels of life keep turning...
It's funny how as we get older, you look for the changes, be it a few
more strands of grey hair, or a secret patch of greys that we're so not aware of until spotted by our hair stylilst, we look for wrinkles, crows eyes, the few extra pounds that seem harder to shake off, those cute hot numbers we have a problem even squeezing into,...and I'm sure much much more.
Irrespective of how the numbers look, and how much they've gone up and how quickly too, it gives us a new perspective of what to be greatful for , and what new priorities take precedence, and how our life is shaping out to be along with what we've accomplished in those years. If anything, it's a blessing to see another year in good health, and to realise how fortunate we are with all the little basics we have in life that are actually little luxuries for many of those unfortunate.

So this new year in my life called for a new hairstyle just to feel "a few days" younger, well at least psychologically, and just for me. I still feel like I'm in my early twenties, with the (almost) same drive for life and adventure, and yes, it's all in the mind about how you really feel.

Most of all, I'm greatful and thankful for my family & friends, and for all the love I have in my life, and for me ... that's priceless!!

For some people a birthday might just be another day in their lives, but celebrating the day you were born is special and should be memorable.

Time for me to embrace my amazing year ahead, with my little guardian angel at my side!

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Somethings in life are best learnt through experiences because everybody's different and their opinion could be totally different to yours, and nobody can REALLY tell you how it will be without you actually FEELING it for yourself...

people are going to be mean takes all sorts to make up the human population, everyone can't be good, you have the meanies to balance it out, just do good and be's better that the good outweigh the meanies anytime!

guys aren't all the same...and maybe they do come from Mars, but like them too, the generation changes as the years pass on by, there are still some gentlemen out there!

Listen to your elders, they have so much wisdom to share...they've been around longer than you! It's called seniority and they will always have it!

In life you can be so wrong about love sometimes, but better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all; if you want something very badly set it free, if it comes back to you, it's yours forever, if it doesn't, it was never yours to begin with.... just move on, don't be hung up about it! True love is hard to find, and when you do find it, it's one you'll cherish always in your heart.

women may not be great with maps sometimes, but they're great with almost everything else, so what does it really matter if they're not even driving??...ok, I admit that was a bit bias...but guys, you know that's true!!

there IS such a thing as a broken heart, and sucks! you spend endless sleepless nights crying yourself to sleep, but you wake up the next day, and somehow you just know you're going to be okay. Pick up your broken pieces,get some superglue, and get it together, and someone will see it as a golden treasure, like it was never broke before. ...and when you're not even looking, that's when love comes a'knocking!!...and sometimes, you're even spoilt for choice!

you need to start looking after your skin at an early age, and water is a great source for youthful skin; as well as a good moisturiser, invest in a good one layers on your face is not very complimentary....guys like gals in their natural state!

after you reach 30, you realise you don't have  to make so much effort to dress up, you enjoy it, but it's more that feeling of looking great for your very own self.

your faith and prayers is what gets you through if you believe, never give up on it.

you will always have your family, you were born into that and can't change it.. friends may come and go in your life, but your family will always be there, love them , it's never too late to start. you may fight and argue with your siblings, but they will be your best friends for life if you learn to nurture the relationship and simply love them!

Save for a rainy day, but enjoy your life too, that rainy day may never come or you may never live to see it! Travel the world if you can, life isn't all about what you do for a living. Some people live their best lives free of all material value, earn enough to put food on the table, but have happier lives than those with generous incomes. All the money in the world certainly can't buy you happiness, it will buy you material things, but only for a temporary time.

Don't wait till it is TOO LATE to say you're sorry! Say you're sorry today, and make your peace! Don't live have to have any regrets especially when a loved one has passed on.

Your parents will be the most wonderful and greatest inspirations and motivations in your life, you don't have to wait to hear some big story on Oprah. THEY have your best interests at heart. Love them, cherish them and respect them. They too become your close 'pals' as you mature in life.  You have your own story to tell already!

Don't let anybody tell you that 'you wouldn't be able to do that', you are beyond your expectations, it's just up to you to believe it! Believe in yourself and remember that you are the architect of your dreams, and the driver of your destiny!

Life is what YOU make it!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

THIS ONE is for the GUYS!

I know it's all about keeping in trend with the latest fashion guys, but honestly, this style of keeping your trousers sitting way below your butt is a bit much. It is SO NOT HOT!! The idea is to keep your boxer shirts concealed and not revealed. If you're that keen on exposing your undies, wear it on top of your trousers.
The point where it seems like your mum would have the urge to want to pull your trousers up is just revolting, for a young man! If you haven't noticed, there are kids, grannies and grandpas everywhere, a little respect?
Photo from Here
I was sitting in a bus today, and a guy was getting off, and I really thought he was going to have a serious wardrobe malfunction and I was so embarrased for him, but his trousers stayed in place lucky for him. Thanks to that belt as well that must have been squeezing him somewhere along his groins or mabe his knees!!

Well, I guess this is the fashion trend for certain guys!
Ladies if it's upsetting, just look away, and cover your kids eyes!
 I think there has been a serious manufacturer error with a batch load of these trousers....funny though, because these guys just don't want to return them!?

Thursday, 3 March 2011

live a little...laugh ALOT :)))

We seem to be living in such a stressful environment today.It seems that people really don't have the time to stop and admire the beauty of nature, the fragrance of flowers, the clouds above or the fact that spring is around the corner and the beautiful daffodils are budding, or simply have a good laugh! We are so caught up with the seriousness of our work and habits that sometimes we miss the funny sides of life. Life can get you down sometimes, and if you're not careful enough, it will weigh you down and prevent you from moving forward in life!
We are the ones who can change it and make it better for ourselves. It's good to surround yourself with people who make you laugh, it's contagious and leaves you with a sense of well being. Laughing is linked to the production of endorphins which leaves you feeling good!!
With whatever work we do today, we can make such a difference by having a little laugh to see the lighter side of life, and make it better for everyone around us. After all, laughter is the best medicine!!
Check out this video for laughter yoga which is promoted and practised in India!

Have a good laugh...hahahahaha.....

Video from this site

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Protect The Angels of our Seas

Tonight I saw a disturbing documentary based movie on the senseless culling of dolphins that occurs every year around September in Taijii, Japan. It's called 'The Cove', a lagoon which is the chilling bludgeoning slaughterhouse for 23000 dolphins every year! A few years ago they were exposed with the help of celebrities like Hayden Panettiere whom some may know from 'Heroes'. These surfers risked their lives to expose the harshness and brutality that was happening to these innocent cetaceans! These peace loving creatures are been killed and sold as 'whale' meat, and the people of Japan had no idea that this cruel brutality was taking place. Dolphin meat has a high level of mercury and dolphin meat that was served at school lunches were removed by council members eventually.

Every year the IWC(International Whaling Committee) sit to discuss protection of all cetaceans, but for some reason small cetaceans like dolphins and porpoises are not protected, particularly because their meat is been sold for consumption. Japan come up with reasons for whaling to be maintained, also recruiting  other smaller countries like Cambodia, Ecuador, Laos and a few others to support them, by offering them 'financial support'! Environmental activists like Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd Conservation founder)
and Ric O Barry continue in the fight to stop this!

I've grown up loving dolphins and mammals of the sea, and appreciate their nature loving ways. Research has shown that their intelligence can somewhat be compared to that of mans and they seem to be more human natured than some humans out there. We need to help protect these beautiful dolphins and whales to ensure they don't become extinct before their time! Please help by making a difference and signing this petition to help stop this brutality and cruelty. They're helpless and defenceless and have caused no harm to man! Respect these angels of the seas!

They are just one of the hundreds of species out there that need our help. Everyday thousands of animals from around the world are getting abused and tortured by man for his own selfish needs. We need to help put a stop to this. They are defenceless creatures that need protection!

Visit to sign a petition to support these cetaceans!

Pictures from here & this site 


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