Sunday, 6 March 2011

THIS ONE is for the GUYS!

I know it's all about keeping in trend with the latest fashion guys, but honestly, this style of keeping your trousers sitting way below your butt is a bit much. It is SO NOT HOT!! The idea is to keep your boxer shirts concealed and not revealed. If you're that keen on exposing your undies, wear it on top of your trousers.
The point where it seems like your mum would have the urge to want to pull your trousers up is just revolting, for a young man! If you haven't noticed, there are kids, grannies and grandpas everywhere, a little respect?
Photo from Here
I was sitting in a bus today, and a guy was getting off, and I really thought he was going to have a serious wardrobe malfunction and I was so embarrased for him, but his trousers stayed in place lucky for him. Thanks to that belt as well that must have been squeezing him somewhere along his groins or mabe his knees!!

Well, I guess this is the fashion trend for certain guys!
Ladies if it's upsetting, just look away, and cover your kids eyes!
 I think there has been a serious manufacturer error with a batch load of these trousers....funny though, because these guys just don't want to return them!?

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