Monday, 28 March 2011

That "NEW" smell.

The local bus on my usual route has changed. It's now this bright red shiny transportation vehicle with it's well lit numbers on the front. I got onto it a week ago, and was gobsmacked when I saw it approaching the stop, so much so that I had to ask the bus driver if it was just for that day!! To my surprise and delight this lovely little bus will be replacing the little faithful "sometimes running late" rickety 'ol bus! When I got on, I couldnt help but appreciate that lovely "new" smell reminiscent of a brand new car!!

Everything about that bus was simply and strangely exciting..sometimes it only really takes the little things to excite my grey matter especially after a long day at work!!  It had brand new bright looking coloured seats, with more space, and it even had a telly that you could observe all the passengers from...just in case you get bored on the journey. I think even the passengers look brighter, that and the fact that we're into summer time :)
Well I realise that some of the buses in London have changed to new hydrogen fueled ones (that does not contribute to CO2 emissions), that actually look pretty cool and oh so lush, in order to prepare for the forthcoming 2012 Olympics!!
It's great when the little things in life can still excite you in the most wonderful and weird ways.

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