Saturday, 29 October 2011

"Fancy Schmancy"

I was in the city in Picadilly Street, took two wrong turns and I realised I was in Savile Row. If you've ever heard of it, you would know it's renown for it's exclusive suit houses, and I mean elegant and ├║ber exquisite tailor made suits to fit!
I felt like I was in a scene out of a 60's movie as I walked past them with the best of the best  displayed in the window, and not all modern day suits, but tweed styled typical English "Mark Darcy" suits as though you were a resident of Pemberly! As I walked past each house I could see, below road level, staircases that led to the tailor's workshop, and through the windows you could see them busy with a new suit or probably measuring up some "ol chap". They were tailors that looked Italian, with a measuring tape around their neck, and quite serious looking men, as though they had strict instructions from Valentino Garavani, and if you've seen him at work, you would see why he's such a perfectionist!
These suits will probably cost you an arm and a leg, and one could only try to understand why.

The vehicles parked outside the shops were Porsche enough, and 4x4's almost lined most of the parking spaces. It's understandable how London is the fashion capital of the world. Down New Bond Street you see people dress with such panache and pizazz, with brand stores Louis Vuitton, Prada lining the streets, and where a price of a handbag would cost you a months salary (and that's in Stirling!).

As much as they say "clothes don't make the man", it sure does makes one fine statement!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Be greatful

I saw a blind elderly couple travelling on the bus, aided by their teenage grandchildren. Watching them interact as they got off the same stop as I did, made me instantaneously feel blessed and greatful for all that I have in my life. Sometimes it takes something little and simple to jolt you into reality to appreciate and realise what you do have in life, and just how fortunate you are! We do take alot of things for granted in life, and it's only when we put ourselves in someone else's less fortunate situation do we sometimes realise how blessed we actually are.
We all have our gripes, moans and groans, and at the end of the day after the "huge" disaster has occurred, we often forget that it ever happened, or wonder why we made a big deal out of something so little!
Life is too short to be expending energy stressing about the little things, because the big things will end up running you dry!! We often forget just how good we have it. Watching someone appreciate the little that they have without any whinging can teach us so much.
Before you complain about your studies, job, spouse or "material stuff", realise how fortunate you are to be in that place and what got you there :)

                                           HAVE AN AWESOME DAY !!

Friday, 14 October 2011

The love that carries you,always..

It's the faith that you hold in your heart, the love that you believe in, the belief that gives you strength and courage, the wisdom to know the importance of it all....


  • Elizabeth Gilbert: eat pray love
  • Paulo Coelho: The Alchemist
  • Danielle Steel: The Kiss
  • Barack Obama : Dreams from my Father