Tuesday, 14 September 2010


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 So the Biebs and Lady Gaga rocked at the VMA. No surprise that the controversial Lady Gaga, aka Stefani Germanotta, won the Video of the year award and scooped up eight awards, with a dress change before you could even remember what the last one looked like! Well actually, for those that were there, if they couldn't see her, they were able to SMELL her with her contoversial "meat" dinner outfit. Thank goodness for her sake, no dogs allowed! Trust Gaga to bring on the drama!
 L'il Bieber cute as a button,  appeared as though he's done the VMA's a few times now...I guess that's what you get when chilling with Usher. Great on him!

As for the follow up on Taylor and Kanye, she was angelic and the words seemed inclined towards Kanye's past behaviour and the fact that she's moved on (playing a clip for those who didn't remember that last VMA), and acknowledged his immaturity and innocence on that. She was subtly and kinda ladylike dissing Kanye. For those who didn't care about the message, she looked gorgeous with a cute white frock and bare feet emphasizing that nothing phases her and she gives as good as she gets! As for Kanye, I'm guessing there was a reason that he was the last performance for the night. Who knows what the message in his song was really all about, but something tells me, he could have sung anything out there and people would still love and support him. That's celebrity status for ya! I wonder if we'll be seeing these two perform again next year, and what drama awaits us!
Maybe Gaga will be married by then, with a mini Gaga on the way, and then we'll be seeing more of Stefani Germanotta.

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  1. Meat dress not shown because of consideration to sensitive vegan readers.



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