Thursday, 14 March 2013

AS ..I DO...

It's the day every girl dreams of, donning her white fairytale wedding gown, walking down the aisle with her father, and marrying her prince charming.

You seem to plan a for a lifetime for when that time actually comes, until the moment really happens do you realise how quickly it all does happen, almost in a blink of an eye and in a few hours that day passes on, but the memories....they become a lasting treasure.
It's a life changing time for anyone, and most certainly a positive and exciting one, giving up singlehood and adjusting to that of marriage life where "I" becomes "WE" and "ME" becomes "US".

It seems like no big deal and all a breeze (praying that it all does work out as close to plan as possible) even though there might be the slightest hiccup that nobody else picks out barring the bride herself, and maybe the groom if he's been keeping with the programme the months leading up to the big day. As long as there are no dress faux pas, the officiant has arrived, and most importantly your groom is present, you can look forward to a smooth start.

It's for sure meant to be one of the happiest day of any girls life.
You brace yourself ready to walk down what seems almost a mile long aisle, but the minute your eyes meet it just all falls into place, as you pass familiar smiling faces and eventually reach the altar....and the new journey begins.

May love abide in your heart, thoughts and deeds always.

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