Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Thank you Smart phone, for social etiquette !!

Hasn't going out for dinner changed these days? If you're going out with one person or two people there's always bound to be way more guests there. It's almost 100% that each of those persons have a mobile phone and are in contact with somebody, just to let them know where they are. Even if you have a sit down home family meal, it's a given someone's getting a text or notification from Facebook, or an email...and all of a sudden it's so urgent to attend to it, in turn being rude to your family that obviously would have no qualms about it because they're getting texts too.

It's everywhere...even at a doctors clinic where a nurse has to leave the consulting doctor to take her call to say she's at work!! Is this what society has come to? We don't need to sit down with our family for dinner anymore...we can just Whatsapp them to pass the rice! You can have a deep conversation with someone and that personal moment has has gone when interrupted by a phone, with a text stating you could be a winner with Cell C!! And that's not's a platform for proposals, first baby pics, break-ups (gone are the post-it days ), make-ups and everything you need to know about anybody.

I used to find it quite amusing but now I think people have forgotten their social etiquette around their families and friends. No matter where you go, people are so addicted to their phones, it really makes you wonder how on earth did we go without it all these years...all these urgent text messages and emails and Facebook comments that we have to put our forks down for. As if it's not bad enough that adults are doing it, can you blame kids who follow their parents example?

One must be really lucky to have the total undivided attention of that person you go out with for an "intimate" meal, because before you can even sit down at that exclusive restaurant, the whole world and their neighbour already know you're there...SURPRISE!!

Try to give people your full attention, The worlds not going to end if you switch your phone off and miss that Facebook picture you've been tagged in.
Let's try to be more human and give people the respect they deserve when in our company.

Be kind, humble and speak with love :)

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