Sunday, 5 December 2010

It's Christmas time once again

The white flurry stuff seemed to have come much earlier this year. This week saw all of the United Kingdom  covered with this white magical and yet somewhat disruptive stuff. London and all surrounding parts were  transformed into a winter wonderland, and at Christmas time could you ask for anything more? (apart from world peace).
Somehow when the snow arrives it just seems as though the sound of everything around has drowned into a dull silence. Just watching the snow fall feels so relaxing and is such a wonderous sight.

As I made my way to the bustop two nights ago, it felt like a scene out of "The Book of Eli" where the only sound resonating was the sound of my breathing and my boots trudging through the three to four inch snow walking past dimmed street lights. It's like the cars that I walked past full of snow, were just abandoned, and the road for that matter. It's like I was the only living soul around,and even though I could see cars in the nearby distance, that's all they were, without any sound whatsoever.
My sense of relief came when I saw my bus approaching, and finally the signs of life.

It's a few weeks away from Christmas and something about snow falling around this time of year just seems to make the atmosphere so magical. It's the time when so many emotions come to heart, when people think about lost loved ones, the sadness of being alone, the thought of being far away from family, bringing family together having roast turkey lunch,thoughts about being kind, giving,  and thinking of those most unfortunate. It's the one time of year that people from all walks of faith can come together and share a common spirited goal, that of selflessness.

So even though some children around the world will eagerly await to open their presents under the tree  on Christmas day (if they're fortunate enough), my hope is that the spirit and the true meaning of Christmas will never be lost through the pressures of commercialism.

May the magic and miracle of Christmas bring you everlasting love, joy, peace and happiness!!

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