Monday, 14 February 2011

L O V E makes the world go round

If you're single, you're probably hoping and praying that love's little sometimes "ill fated" cherub, or better known as Cupid, actually gets it right and that the guy or gal you've been telepathically communicating with actually notices you on this day of "love", or on the other hand ,it's just probably the day you want over as fast as possible, and if you're in a relationship (of some sort) then it's probably the day you look forward to chocolates and flowers, and if you're simply not the lovey dovey type no matter what, you can't help it, can't avoid's everywhere you look, thanks to Saint Valentine!!
 From big red heartines in the window displays at the card shop to big teddy bears holding hearts and florists with red rose bouquets, and red red red everything everywhere!! Not to mention the chocolate and florist shop sales soaring for that day or that follow up week.

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Yes!! It's Valentine's Day and it's the day that makes an excuse for those who have trouble expressing themselves in saying those three "little" words.
Rejection might be a painful thing, but better to have tried and failed than failed to try when it comes to telling someone you love them. Love is an amazing feeling, and to be able to share it with someone or tell someone, you could change someone's life, for the better. You lose nothing, if you're bold enough to do it, and actually expect the  worst to happen, life might surprise you. After all, love wasn't put into your heart to stay, love isn't love until it is given away.

Have a beautiful day filled with joy and surprises, and mostly an abundance of love! Life's too short not to say it! Spread some love today...<3

                                       Happy Valentine's Day!

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