Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Online shopping...What a beauty!

Online shopping is truly a life saver!! If you're into it, you'd know what a time-saver and a blessing it really is. It's not virtual shopping, but it's as good as it gets.
The first time I heard about it, I didn't think it a good idea, and I thought that you'd have to be really lazy to buy your groceries online. It wasn't until one day a few years back, I was so under the weather and pretty much house bound, I had no choice. So  I decided to explore this path of buying my groceries online, not physically being able to see and feel what I was ACTUALLY buying, all you get is a photo of the product you're buying, which is questionable especially with fresh produce.
The beauty of it is that it gets delivered right to your door, all bagged, you save time walking to the bus stop, and you don't have to brave the weather, and best of all you don't have to force your sick sorry weary self out the front door.
 The fresh produce, by the way, is very fresh and not on it's way out the next day or next few hours. I was quite impressed, and now it's become a necessity whenever I'm a bit under the weather.
If only there was a way to order EVERYTHING you wanted online...but I guess there are some things that will just never be available online!!
Pic from this site
Note: being a couch potato just counts for  a lazy excuse!

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