Sunday, 25 September 2011


Isn't technology just amazing today!!? Kids as young as 2 or 3 years old know how to use an IPad, even switch on a telly and operate a remote control.

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So it was no surprise when my brother and his wife told the family that they had set up an email for their daughter....who was just about 3 weeks old at the time! My niece who is now just over 6 weeks old, who by the way is just the most gorgeous little princess, has an email account!! She obviously won't be accessing it for a good few years, and when she does she has alot of catching up to do...some of it, thanks to me of course;)  I think it's an awesome idea. She gets to look back at all the highlights of her precious life, and they will be treasured memories....just for her!!
When you look back to the technology that was around when you were just a baby, even just a kid, it was a "toy" telephone, kiddy programmes on telly, playing with dolls/cars, and just simply spending your time outside with the kids from the neighbourhood. The Commodore 64 had come out in the 80's, and there was no such thing as the internet!!
Today they have plenty of IPhone apps for babies with Mozart baby music and the letters of the alphabet which my beautiful niece gets to listen to everyday and listens ever so intently. It's incredible and ever so precious watching her gaze as she focuses on the colours and objects and listens to the music and pronounciations of the letters~it's priceless!!

Technology aside, I actually can't wait to send her first snailmail when she starts reading, just to hear how excited she would be when she opens her first mail from me.

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For the angel in my life..Sara


  1. Lisa - fantastic blog! You are just blooming as a writer! Beautiful work! Very relevant and current article!

  2. Thanks Prasanthi! So glad you enjoyed it! It was a pleasure writing it! There's more to come!!!



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