Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn~A lovely time of year!

It's known to be the most beautiful time of year! If you live in the northern hemisphere, you can truly appreciate it that much more. It's a colourful and somewhat romantic season with the weather just about still perfect, not too hot or cold, the leaves on the trees looking a brilliant golden brown to orange, and the magnificent maple leaves you walk through on the ground making a soothing crunching sound!

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It's time when you realise that you actually start eating a little bit more, getting your reserves ready for winter, pretty much like a squirrel!
With winter around the corner from this beautiful season, it makes you WANT to go out to the parks and enjoy how lovely the trees and lakes look. In the USA, it's known as the FALL season (rightly so), it's just the epitome of this passing season. The days evidently become shorter and you start preparing yourself psychologically for the short dreary wintery dark days. Take consolation in that they're just all passing seasons.

                                                       Have a romantic autumn ;)

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