Monday, 9 January 2012

Someone's praying for you!

A few days ago I received a call from a very close and dear family friend. At the onset he said "Lisa, you are in my daily prayers". I was extremely touched to say the least. The thought that someone had me in their prayers everyday, meant I was being thought of everyday, touched my heart. Words could not express how greatful and blessed I felt of such a thoughtful, selfless and sincere act.

It made me realise that so often we keep family and friends in our daily prayers and thoughts without them actually realising it. How wonderful to know, and even more of a blessing when you tell them that you prayed for them today, through all the trials and tribuations!

HAVE A BLESSED DAY, and remember someone in your daily prayers!!


  1. Very thought provoking... Another beautiful & inspiring blog. Thank You!

  2. ThankYOU for reading PN!! Glad you found it inspiring! Always thinking of you'll :)



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