Thursday, 26 January 2012

The fight

Tough times dont last, TOUGH PEOPLE DO!
Ain't that just the truth!
There are so many people that go through challenging periods of their life. We all have someone close and dear to us that we have seen win and lose their battle to cancer.
It's a journey that needs all the love and support to get through everyday, every minute. You will be surprised how instrumental you can be in making their tough time lighter and easier to get through.
A prayer, a smile, a laugh, and little moments out of love could make the biggest change in their lives. To brighten up someone's day can help take away the pain and the mundane feeling that 'it's another day of this'.
If you know someone fighting through this, let them know they have your support. It's a path down life where the love you carry and share is simply a given, and unconditional. Be the strength and courage and the positive energy they need to get through the day.

When you're facing death in life, life everyday is borrowed time.

You can help! There are events that you can support, or simply donate.

Your kindness can save lives!

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