Saturday, 13 August 2011

Welcome to this world, little princess!!

The day has arrived...a life changing day! We thank God for life, and for all that a new life represents.
When a child enters this world, an abdundance of love and blessings flow.

This day marks the beginning of an amazing, blessed and happy journey of your life, because your life will always be surrounded by those who will always love you. You've made this day the happiest for all those around you, and have brought so much joy most especially to your special and beautiful parents, who have been waiting eagerly for this day.

There will be good times, great times; times when it seems so challenging, it's times like these you need to know and remember that you will always be loved selflessly and unconditionally. You are the most beautiful little angel that has arrived in our lives, and we thank God for you!! You have made your loving parents the most proud couple that you could ever imagine. May God always have His hands of protection on you as you begin your extraordinary and exciting journey through this life!

For you, little angel......

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