Sunday, 10 July 2011

Be thankful in life, for life

In life we can be so overwhelmed by the pressures that we may face on a daily basis, whether it's deadlines at work, making sure that we're on time for work, picking and dropping kids of at school and their extracurricular activities, paying bills on time, preparing meals on time, finding time for yourself... with all the hecticness that goes on it's so easy not to allow time to yourself, or even just enjoy living your life.

It seems that life has become more demanding of our time, and somehow it seems that we're never happy enough, always wanting more than what we really need. There are people who have so little yet are so greatful in life for what they have.
The late Seve Ballisteros said in one of his last interviews: " I'm fine, don't worry about me. This thing I have is little, compared to what other people have to face in their lives. I've been blessed with an impressive life and I'll get through this"  "...It has been a fantastic life.This what's happened to me.... I would call test that God is putting on me...and I win.." He was a charismatic great golfing legend who was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and lost his battle with cancer after 2 years.

We always seem to think that we have it worse off than others, and in our heart of hearts we probably we do, but find consolation in the fact that most of the times it really isn't....and it really isn't.
There are moments or experiences in our life that tend to bolt us into a reality check every now and then, whether it's an illness that's hit us badly, a death in the family, or something that's affected someone close to us...whatever it is, we feel it, and our bodies have a unique way of letting us's time to slow down, live your life, and enjoy it too!

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