Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Goodbye Whitney.

Thankyou....for the music!

An icon...... a legendary exceptional classic with an indefinable voice that brings warmth within you and reaches those notes 'up there' ever so magically!!

We all have one song, a few songs or almost all her songs that we can relate to at some stage in our life, be it that first crush, first love,that first slow dance, moments of great friendship, having immeasurable hope, inspiration for the love of children, trying to see that for a moment in a song we CAN have world peace, the painful times of loss and love, the encouraging moments for women to realise their strength, and standing by and believing in your faith.

She has shared or played some part in our lives, whether we knew it or not.
Her incredible talent for touching millions of hearts across the globe, will be dearly dearly missed. And somehow, now, everytime we hear her beautiful songs, we will remember and think of her in a different light, and not just another one of her songs on the radio.

Rest in peace.....may you use your magical voice and sing with the angels in heaven above!

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (9 August 1963~11 February 2012)

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