Saturday, 3 December 2011

Enjoy life!!

Far too often we're always worrying about what tomorrow will bring, and we forget, or rather neglect, appreciating what today actually holds for us. We're busy saving for a rainy day, saving for that house we're going to buy one day, kids college funds, and rightfully so...we need to be realistic as well!!
We need to find the time to enjoy our lives just as much, because we don't know when the day will come when we won't see tomorrow.
Write a list of things you would like to do, maybe a bucket list, be spontaneous, and just go with it, without any doubts. The rewards of happiness are immense and immeasurable, and maybe it's not that fancy house or car that you want, but the wealth of memories is priceless, and something that will live forever in your heart. Material things come and go, they have a warranty on it, and the novelty wears off eventually until something new comes along.

So if its someone that you've been trying to find an excuse to ask out on a coffee date, or a dream holiday (within your wallet range off course), what's stopping you!! Don't live to have regrets, or worry about the woulda's, coulda's or what if's. In a few years time, it might be the greatest memory of your life, or just a glimpse of something wonderful that actually happened!!

Take time to appreciate the finer things around you, nature at it's finest and best, find time for loved ones and neglected ones. Appreciate what you have, and the moment you're about to complain about how bad you might have it, remember there's always someone out there having it a million times worse. Don't blame the world for your problems, you are your problems and your solutions. You have the power to strengthen and encourage others, and believe in yourself!! You are instrumental in who you are and who you can be. Break the cycle and make a difference!

Be kind!!! Be yourself, and spread the love!!! Remember :your wealth of material value does not define you!

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                                 Enjoy Life!!
                   Anything you want bad enough, is worth the chance!!

Found this relevant and amazing video just after I wrote this!!

Have an awesome and blessed December !

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