Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh sweet everlasting love...

And they lived   Happily Ever After.... not just true in the good 'ol fairy tale books, but living very much to those words.
Yesterday I saw a sweet elderly couple walking in front of me, with matching khaki trousers, and dark short sleeved tops, and beige coloured shoes ...( I wasn't really noticing that much!)... I watched them walk side by side, step to step and, in sync...and finally, like a natural act, their hands just met, and they walked hand in hand. That caught my breath! It was special. It was a true love that existed there, in two total strangers to me, their body language spoke it all. There was an understanding, a warmth, a selflessness, and a relationship that seemed to be based on unconditional love.
It reminded me of a 92 year old man that I met, who is married for 70 years!!! His secret to a long lasting marriage....listening to one another, and treating each other with respect, and most of all loving each other unconditionally... this to him was actually no secret, it was simply a given.
There's always hope and trust in love, you just have to believe in it!

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Like most fine things in certainly gets better with age!!

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