Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is celebrated throughout most of the world today. A day on which mothers and motherhood  are honored, which really is just ONE out of the 365 days every year that it is actually OFFICIAL...because we know well and truely that Mother's Day is actually EVERYDAY of the year, as would be Father's Day!

They're the women with the greatest gut instinct, the right words to say when you're hurting, the safety net when you fall, your best friend, the women who have the most incredible strength inside and out, the biggest heart, and they become the angels in your life when they're no longer with you.

God Created Mothers

God knew that little ones need love
so He created mothers
With understanding hearts and
gentle hands that care for others...

They feed us and they hug us
and they help us find our things...
Then later on, they step aside
and let us try our wings...

We know the're always on our side
whatever may befall,
That's why we need them just as much
when we're no longer small...

Yes, God created mothers
to give love their whole lives through...
That's why they're treasured very much
especially one like you!


Proverbs 31:28 Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her. (NIV)

Today I will remember, like every other day, how lucky and blessed I am to have had an extraordinary, exceptionally beautiful and loving, and remarkable lady in my life, whom I will always and forever be proud of to hold dear as my mum.

So today, and always, I hope that you will make  your mum know just how special she is in your life, and what a 'keystone' she is. She is the epitome of human love.

                                                  To all you fabulous and gorgeous women,

                                                      Happy Mother's Day !!

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