Sunday, 23 January 2011

Just have a little faith

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In life there are some people you just trust and have alot of faith in, naturally. When I think of the grander scale of things in life, how we are all here for a short while, and how we live our lives on a daily basis, I just want to grab every precious moment I can and do as much as I can.

There's just so much that we all take for granted in life, the way we talk to people, the way we talk about people, the way we treat people,there seems to be so much anger within some people and for no reason, when we are all in fact the same, just on different journeys in life. It's amazing how almost immediately a bond can form when people are left in the same boat in life, facing the same situation, like the natural disasters that occur, that automatically bring people together, and they trust and have faith in those helping them, even though they have never met them before.

We shouldn't have to wait for moments of crisis to be nice to people, we should have respect for the next person. It doesn't cost anything to be JUST NICE and SMILE! Respect begets respect, when you give it, you should receive it!

Have some faith in those around you. We're all human with the same needs, some more than others.


  1. Dear Annliza

    I was deeply touched when I read your blog today. You write beautifully and the message within is so apt for the world that we live in. There are so many hurting and lonely people out there and it does require a certain amount of faith and trust to reach out to somebody in need.

    God bless you


  2. Thankyou Michelle!

    Your kind words are much appreciated. Thankyou for reading!

    Lisa xoxo



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