Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Working the graveyard shift!

Why does it just feel so abnormal to work at night? While the rest of the city sleeps you're wide awake!
It's actually not that bad especially when you do it for a living. Come the next morning you're only too glad to see the day staff and to be going home to your lovely bed. The best thing about it now, is that it's spring going into summer and so it's not even dark by the time you head off to work. It's always good to see the positives in what you do.
It's also so good to be appreciated in what you do, that just makes the shift a whole lot better.
I guess the thought of it just seems so unnatural, but when you begin your shift you know your DAY has begun. You're psychologically and emotionally prepared for what comes your way. After all it is a job and if you don't put your heart in it, you wont get the best out if it. Of course there's always the ups and downs in any job, but challenges can make it better and take the monotony out of the daily routine, aside from the unwanted politics that always seem to come with the territory too.
For me, I know it's not what I'm going to do forever. For that moment and shift I know I have people depending on me and I have to make it work for everyone. Anyway it's only 12 hours, and it does go quicly sometimes.
So I start tonight and it's time to get some rest. Hope you enjoy your normal day in the land of the living.

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