Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A time of love and joy...

Another year drawing to an end...

It's truly amazing how time does fly, and how each day just goes by ever so quickly...
The whole year is a rush of work and studies, deadlines...and then come the end of year, the unwinding starts, holidays are planned,end of year Christmas parties, Christmas holidays bring families together, and resolutions are made for the New Year, most especially for the over indulgence of that 'stuffed turkey'!!

Christmas, the time of giving (more generously), charity, love, world peace (we hope and pray), and most importantly the significance that brings people the world all over together gathering in churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
It's a joyous time for everyone, and there are selfless people in the world who will go all out to make it a special time for those unfortunate.
The greatest gift of Christmas, is the priceless moments of being with family and those dear to you, and being at home...and appreciating what you have.

Life can be so unpredictable that we have no idea what tomorrow will hold for us, or how it can change so many dimensions in our life, in the most wonderful and amazing way. We're so busy planning our life sometimes that we don't make accommodation for the unexpected....and when the unexpected does happen, it's a true test of our ability to adjust and make changes.

As you set out for preparations for this time of year, may you be an inspiration to others in giving, loving and spreading joy and cheer to all those around you, and making a difference in someone's life.


May the spirit of Christmas bring loved ones together to know and feel the blessings of forgiveness, humility and generosity, and the power of having faith and believing that any dream and change is possible if we allow and open our hearts to do so...

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