Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Moving on...


London, a city of cultural diversity, music, theatres, busking, walks along the rivers, and a timeless romance, and the city where you see more foreigners than the very English themselves...not forgetting the packed red double decker buses and the sometimes sardine-packed underground tubes during peak hour travel...and the orderly fashion of commuters travelling the escalators as though they were trained ants, with almost every second commuter sitting flipping through the Metro in the morning and reading through the Daily Mail in the afternoon, if they're not engrossed in a novel or Sudoku, or busy eyeing out the next person's attire, or simply the opposite sex...

A city where almost every pub around lunch time is never deprived of beer thirsty guzzlers.
...where the sunshine is like GOLD, and the heat on your skin is like a once in a lifetime treat, so much so that you rush out to the nearest park, strip off to the bare essentials to cash in on that quick tan...just to bask in that glorious sun as though you were lying on a sunny seaside resort (one can dream :) ).
You can appreciate the seasons in all its glory and fulness just like you hear about it when you're a kid....the snowfall in the winter, the beautiful and colourful flowers at spring time, the fabulous sun and heat (ok, so maybe a week or two worth of actual summer), and the brilliant brown golden colours during fall.

One is never short of any ethnic cuisine that one may desire, with Indian restaurants favouring the public tastebuds having its synonmous accompaniment with that quenchful lager, especially at one minute past twenty three hundred hours...

A city where indelible memories are made and the great few that imprint on your heart, will always house a special place...

It's a good GOOD LIFE!!

Live your dreams!!

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